ABOUT - history

Diane and her sons have been living in the area off and on since the 1970s.   After winning a number of culinary awards, like best in state for New Mexico.   She went on to apprentice with a Czechoslovakian master in San Diego.  She worked in some of the largest and most prestigious resorts and hotels in Hawaii & Santa Fe.  In 1996 she took a big chance and got a little loan from WESST Corp and started Diane’s Restaurant.  Her clientele has steadily grown and the restaurant has made several expansions.  They have become a “town favorite”.   In 1997 she contacted her son Bodhi and ask him to come join the business.  He had been cooking in a number of well know restaurants in Northern California and Hawaii.  When he came we opened for fine dining.  It has been a family effort ever since.  Both her sons, Bodhi and Daniel cook in the restaurant, She had such a demand for her homemade breads, cakes, pies, and pastries that were served with the meals that in 2007 she opened Diane’s Bakery & Deli across the street so people could get it to take home. 

510 N. Bullard St. - Silver City - NM - 88061 - 575.538.8722